Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

  If you haven't already heard of Emma Coats' famous tweets regarding storytelling rules she's learned during her Story Artist days at Pixar, you should definitely do an online search for it. You'll find several different sources including Open Culture, Aerogramme Writer's Studio, and even a super-deep analysis by Stephan Vladmir Bugaj. And of course, … Continue reading Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling


Narrative Structure Framework

As I'm chugging along with my character development, I have tons of plot ideas swimming around in my head. While I continue with my development, I start researching the tools I need in order to structure my screenplay. Need some guidance in structuring your narrative? I know that I do. Here is the basic structure … Continue reading Narrative Structure Framework

Focusing on the Protagonist

Coffee is brewing and I'm in the middle of character development for the family members in my screenplay. One of the things that I remember from my screenwriting class was the professor always asking us "whose story is it?" That's a good question, especially since I have three family members who can all easily fill … Continue reading Focusing on the Protagonist