About Caio

caiocamI am an independent filmmaker with well-rounded experience in all aspects of filmmaking ranging from preproduction planning and logistics, production on location or in studio (whether it’s behind a camera, lighting a scene, running audio, or directing talent), and postproduction (including editorial, audio editing/mixing, color grading, and deliverables). My work experience ranges from corporate, non-profit television, to academic settings. My alma mater includes San Francisco State University, MFA 2018; University of California, Santa Cruz, BA 2012; City College of San Francisco, 2010.

Recently relocated to Stockholm, Sweden, with this blog I wish to share with you my trials and tribulations of reestablishing myself as a filmmaker in a new land. Additionally, I will be sharing with you my creative process starting from development through exhibition. Hope you come back and visit regularly.

Hej Då! Cheers!