Narrative Structure Framework

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As I’m chugging along with my character development, I have tons of plot ideas swimming around in my head. While I continue with my development, I start researching the tools I need in order to structure my screenplay.

Need some guidance in structuring your narrative? I know that I do. Here is the basic structure for a narrative story:

    • Setting the scene
    • Introducing your characters
    • Background information
    • Situation developed
    • More characters or information introduced
    • Conflict is introduced
    • Something happens to complicate the lives of the characters
    • A decisive moment is reached
    • Matters come to a head
    • Suspense high
    • Matters are resolved
    • Some sort of satisfactory end is reached

This formula certainly works for feature lengths movies, but can also be applied to short narratives if you keep the idea simple. Hope this helps you in your screenwriting.

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